The Grant County Shooting Range is professionally designed and safety oriented, built to DNR and NRA specifications on a 13 acre site. The range has accommodations for centerfire rifle, rimfire rifle, pistol, black powder rifle, shotgun trap, shotgun patterning and archery.

The Grant County Shooters Association is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2000 to promote shooting sports in the Grant County Minnesota area. The shooting range is utilized by the 4-H Club, DNR Officers, local law enforcement officers, youth firearm training and members of the Grant County Shooters Association.

The Grant County Shooters host an open house the first weekend in May. The range may also be reserved for groups wanting to host events.

The Range is supported, in part, by the “The Gun Raffle.“ Proceeds go toward range expenses. Drawing is the first weekend in May. The raffle tickets are $50.00 per ticket and a total of 200 tickets are sold. You may choose the gun or a cash option of your choice. The gun must be registered through our FFL dealer or arranged to be shipped to an FFL dealer in your area. You must be 18 years old to purchase a ticket through the mail. Mail checks to Grant County Shooters at the address on our Contact Us page.

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 in conjunction with the annual clean up and gun raffle. Lunch will be provided. Clean up begins at 8:00 a.m. with the meeting at 11:00 a.m. and the raffle at 12:00 noon.



New Members will be required to go through an orientation given by a Board Member. You will be guided through the different sections of the facility and the various rules and procedures involved with the range will be explained.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Grant County Shooters, please contact us or read the

Grant County Shooters Range policy,

Membership Fees

Annual Individual              $40.00

Annual Family                    $55.00

Lifetime Family                  $625.00

Lifetime Family over 60  $400.00


The range is professionally designed and safety oriented, built to DNR and NRA specifications on a 13 acre site. The range has accommodations for center-fire and rim-fire rifle, pistol, black-powder, shotgun trap, shotgun patterning and archery.

There is a 10-bench shooting shelter for 100 and 200 yard shooting and a 8-bench shelter for 300 and 600 yard shooting. Shotgun has a 5-station trap range with a remote trap thrower. Pistol has a separate 25-yard range with open benches.


An Archery target is provided for those who would like to sight-in or practice. There are no formal Archery Organizations at present. Anyone interested in forming a group or league is welcome to meet with the Board Members at their monthly meeting.

Pistol Range

A five station 20 yard pistol range is provided with horseshoe earth bermed backstops, target holders and benches.

Trap Shooting

A trap house is provided with a remote controlled clay target thrower. 

There is a 5 station trap range for practicing your shooting on clay targets. There are no Trap Leagues organized at present. Anyone interest in organizing a league can meet with the board at the monthly meeting.

Long Range

The range provides eight concrete shooting benches under a steel shelter. This range has target holders at 300 yards, 400 yards, 500 yards and 600 yards. The 600 yard target has steel plates hung as gongs to aid in getting sighted in on targets. This range is utilized in International Benchrest Shoots and is part of the summer shooting league. 

There is a gas powered golf cart provided for putting up and retrieving targets. The golf cart is only used on this range or for handicapped shooters on short range.

Short Range

The range provides ten concrete and wood shooting station benches under a steel shelter. The range offers 50 yard, 100 yard, 200 yard and 235 yard framed target holders. A sun shade was built over 4 of the stations to provide relief from the sun in late afternoon shooting. This range is popular for sighting in rifles and is part of the summer shooting league.

  1. All members must sign in, either at club house or shooting shelter.

  2. Know and obey all range commands and rules.

  3. Shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.

  4. Smoking is prohibited inside buildings and shelters.

  5. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the range; consumption of alcoholic beverages and / or the use of mind-altering drugs before shooting is prohibited.

  6. Sportsmanship – There shall be no boisterous conduct or foul language. A shooting range is no place for pranks.

  7. During threatening weather either leave premises, or go to club house. If caught by high winds or tornado go to the trap house and lay at the bottom.

  8. No unauthorized vehicles are permitted on the range.

  9. For safety and insurance reasons no children under 10 years old are allowed on the property. All children must be under close adult supervision. Only children with a Firearms Safety Certificate are allowed to shoot.

  10. Obey all “CEASE FIRE” commands and signs, do not fire until the all clear and range is hot commands are given. NEVER go forward of firing line until all clear and cease fire commands are given.

  11. No hunting on range property.

  12. All must abide by range rules to use firearms and property.

  13. All gates are to be closed even when range is in use.

  14. Please leave the range in a clean and orderly condition. Pick up all garbage, brass, targets, etc.

  15. Glass targets are not allowed.

  16. Nothing larger than 7 ½ shot when shooting trap. Shotgun patterning is open to any shot size.

  17. Biodegradable clays are recommended but not required.

  18. Do not use range if unsafe condition occurs. Report all unsafe conditions and / or activities as soon as possible.

  19. You cannot allow anyone that is not a member on the property.

  20. Guest day pass is $10.00 per visit. You can be a guest three times after which on the fourth visit you must pay $35.00 and become a member for the year.

  21. Odd calendar day’s trap has preference. Even calendar day’s rifle has preference.

  22. Close all doors and gates before leaving.

  23. No pets are allowed on the property.


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